Korea Republic

Korean lyrics (Han-geul script)

1. 동해 물과 백두산이 마르고 닳도록
하느님이 보우하사 우리나라 만세

무궁화 삼천리 화려강산
대한사람 대한으로 길이 보전하세

2. 남산 위에 저 소나무 철갑을 두른 듯
바람서리 불변함은 우리 기상일세


3. 가을 하늘 공활한데 높고 구름 없이
밝은 달은 우리 가슴 일편단심일세


4. 이 기상과 이 맘으로 충성을 다하여
괴로우나 즐거우나 나라 사랑하세


Patriotic Song
English translation

1. Until that day when the waters of the Eastern Sea run dry and Mt. Baekdu is worn away,
God protect and preserve our nation.

Three thousand Li of splendid rivers and mountains, filled with Roses of Sharon;
Great Korean people, stay true to the Great Korean way!

2. As the pine atop Mt. Namsan stands firm, as if wrapped in armour,
unchanged through wind and frost, so shall our resilient spirit.


3. The Autumn sky is void and vast, high and cloudless;
the bright moon is our heart, undivided and true.


4. With this spirit and this mind, give all loyalty,
in suffering or in joy, to the love of country.




World Cup 2014 Korea Republic Team National Anthem:

Group H. First stage. Korea Republic vs. Russia (1:1)

Group H. First stage. Korea Republic vs. Algeria (2:4)

Group H. First stage. Korea Republic vs. Belgium (0:1)